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The Pedal My Way Podcast is an exercise and training podcast all about cycling, fitness and wellness. In each episode, we’ll talk to experts, answer listener questions, and share information on nutrition, training, and overall health. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a competitive athlete, this podcast will help you improve your fitness and wellness, and have fun doing it!

DISCLAIMER:  The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are the speaker’s own and do not constitute legal, medical, or other forms of professional advice. The material and information presented here is for general information and entertainment purposes only. The “Pedal My Way” name and all forms and abbreviations are the property of its owner and its use does not imply endorsement of or opposition to any specific organization, product, or service.


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Episode 12 (with transcript)

In this episode, Rob and I talk about the anxiety about the unknown. Anything from what happens when you go to the bank, to waiting for an email, the fear of uncertainty and how to deal with unknown in everyday life. We share our experience and what we do to handle the unknown.

Episode 11 (with transcript)

In this episode, Rob and I talk take up the topic of mental stress relating to finances – fear of losing a job, stress of an emergency spend, and overall financial anxiety. Everyone goes through financial stress of some form. We share our experience and what we do to mitigate stress and how we prepare for any surprises.

Episode 10 (with transcript)

In this episode, Rob and I talk about the mental issues men face – fear, stress, and anxiety. We are all born with these emotions as a way to cope with life, but trying to meet artificial societal norms are beginning to have a detrimental effect on men’s mental state. We discuss our expereinces dealing with stressful and anxious situations, with the hope that men see it as normal and nothing to be ashamed or afraid about.

Episode 9 (with transcript)

In this episode, Rob and I talk about barriers to motivation. What roadblocks can exist for someone preventing them from working out. We share some ideas on how we motivate ourselves, and how to address external factors and internal mindset to overcome these obstacles.

Episode 8 (with transcript)

In this episode, Rob and I talk about motivation in team and indivifual sports. A fun and interesting look into what keeps us going and how one can get into the zone for their overall health and wellness. We share what we do to keep ourselves motivated and how to get back into it when we slack off. “Progress is achievement”, is a mantra that everyone can use to help stick to anything they want to accomplish!

Episode 7 (with transcript)

In this episode, Rob and I talk about injuries – how we get injured in our sports, how we handled our own injuries, and what we can do to prevent them in the first place.

Episode 6 (with transcript)

In this episode, I talk with Rob about my recent trip to Costa Rica. I share how I packed to take part in a lot of activities there. We also discuss the Blue Zones concept, where one of our resorts we stayed at is located in, in Costa Rica.

Episode 5 (with transcript)

In this episode, I talk with my colleague and collaborator Rob about how I started my fitness journey. I try to explain how I use the sandbag for strength training, how versatile I find the sandbag to be for wokouts, and how I plan my workouts, which are highly influenced by Cross-Fit style programing.

Episode 4 (with transcript)

In this episode, my colleague and collaborator Rob and I talk a little bit about soccer, and pre and post workout prep. Rob is an ardent Soccer (football) fan plays soccer regularly, and follows all major games. He shares his take on the current state of soccer in the US, Lionel Messi, and what the future holds. We also talk about the benefits of pre and post workout prep such as stretches, warm-ups and cool-downs, and what we do when we start a workout.

Episode 3 (with transcript)

In this episode, I talk with my colleague and collaborator Rob on the importance of drinking water and how to stay hydrated. We share our experiences and what we do and watch out for when exercising in hot weather.

Episode 2 (with transcript)

In this episode, I join Jignesh Patel, a Physio Therapist and owner of Brunswick Spine and Physical Therapy, as he explains the injuries and ailments he sees often, and guidance on how to avoid injury. As you listen try to see where you can improve your posture and the right way to lift heavy weights.

Episode 1 (with transcript)

In this episode, I talk with Jake Herway, the founder and operator of NJ Bike Tours. We discuss how he started this business, the difficulties he faced, and the plans for the future.

Episode 0
First episode of Pedal My Way Podcast. What is this podcast, and what can you expect? This is explained here.
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