About Me

About Me


Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Mukund, a cyclist, fitness enthusiast, and general tinkerer. Cycling and exercise are what keeps me going. I’m either lifting in my home gym or riding my bike on any given day.

Being a fan of the “simple life”, I turned my attention to finding fulfilment and contentment in the small things without losing track of the bigger picture. In my microcosm, my happiness lies in the hobbies I have which I am kind of passionate about – cycling and physical activities of any kind, and enjoying healthy eating for both physical and mental health. 

My Simple Approach to Fitness

I try to keep things simple – I don’t use complicated machines or have 20 different weights or racks. My go-to equipment are sandbags, a wall mounted pull-up bar and rings. Sandbags are usually ignored for being cheap, but are a very versatile and an excellent “equipment” to give you a high-quality workout. I have 4 of them – from the lightest 20lbs to the heaviest at 200lbs for a total cost of about $200 for all 4 bags and sand. 

Having trained in gyms with barbell and weight plates, I’ve written about sandbag training and how sandbags are a good way to challenge your overall fitness, with their uneven weights that force different muscles to work for stability and balance. With an indoor rower and bike trainer that I got on sale, I have a self-contained workout environment and rarely need additional equipment. So for a cross-fit style workout I can use all these for a good WOD. And the same equipment can be used for strength training on non-cardio days.

How Cycling Launched My Fitness Obsession

Cycling is what started my obsession with fitness. I am not a racer or a competitive cyclist by any means, but I do compete with myself and try to better myself with each ride. I cycle for its health benefits and for the fun of being outside. I started cycling when I was around 5. I used to ride my bike to school and took it with me wherever I went, as much as possible. As I started lifting weights, I found myself getting faster on the bike. At that time, I did not realize the connection, but it soon clicked that I was improving muscle strength and overall fitness through by lifting weights. Once I made this connection, I tried to balance the two for optimal fitness for my specific needs.

You will frequently see posts about the bike rides I take. I have a mountain, a road, and a gravel bike. I have given my older bikes to my son who is also showing interest in cycling. We plan to take a bike packing adventure around the world when he gets older!

The Pedal My Way Blog and Pedal My Way Podcast

This blog site is a fun and creative way for me to share the small lessons I learned that I hope others with similar interests find useful. I try to provide relevant and interesting information aimed at for anyone trying to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. So be in the loop.

More focused on the MENTAL HEALTH aspect of fitness is the Pedal My Way Podcast. The podcast covers cycling, fitness and overall wellness, both physical and mental. Applicable for anyone in all walks of life, this podcast will help you improve your fitness and wellness, and have fun doing it!

The name of the this lifestyle – Pedal My Way – is an ideal of doing things your way. In cycling, you go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s just you, your bike, and the road. This is the way I try to navigate my little corner of the world – the way I WANT IT. Cycling helps me think, plan and find solutions to things that need thinking, planning and solutions. And my physical training helps me stay focused and fit for overall well-being. You only live once! HAVE FUN!

Once again, thanks for visiting. Come again!

Solo adventuring

Most of my journeys are by myself – either cycling the open world or going through the workouts. I try to push myself to test my limits, and in the process learn more about myself. Physical exercise is a great stress-reliever and helps me think and analyze problems.

Check out my cycling adventures.

leg workouts

strength building

Always looking for proven and efficient ways to build functional strength. Focusing on age-old basic movements with simple equipment. I have found the best results by paying attention to quality over quantity with all my workouts. And with plenty of rest. Most of all listening to my body to avoid injury.

Check out the workouts.


02. Mountain Bike

Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 26

03.Gravel Bike

Poseidon X

04. Indoor traINERS

Concept 2 Indoor Rower
CycleOps Indoor Bike Trainer

05. strength Workout

30 lb
120 lb
150 lb
220 lb

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