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What is a Soleus PushUp?

In my earlier post I had written about the soleus muscle pain. The soleus push up is one of the recommended exercises to treat the muscle pain. He I try to

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Self Training Mistakes

Self training is one of the best ways to start getting fit. What seems easy or straightforward, self training has its own share of areas to watch out for. Here

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Deadlift warmup exercises

Deadlift Warmup Exercises

Deadlifts are quickly becoming popular for their efficiency in practical strength building and the speed with which most deadlifters can increase muscle mass and enhance functional strength. But warming up

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kettlebell vs dumbbell

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell Workouts

Kettlebell and dumbbell workouts each bring unique benefits to your workouts. They are two of the most widely used free weights  Learning the critical performance differences can help you extract

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weighted backpacks

Benefits of Weighted Backpack

Weighted backpacks and vests within your fitness routine. Weighted backpacks offer versatility and scalable strength challenges to workouts. Let’s explore some of the common mistakes people make working out with

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