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reasons for soleus muscle pain

Reasons for Soleus Muscle Pain

The soleus muscle is vital to a number of exercises. Runners, cyclists, and all athletes depend on its performance and immediately feel when the soleus muscle suffers an injury. Within

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Foods that Reduce Inflammation

“You are what you eat”, is a popular saying (originally said by  Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, in 1826, in his seven-volume book The Physiology of Taste.) It essentially means what you eat

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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

I had earlier written about the health benefits of plant-based foods such as turmeric, moringa, hibiscus and mulberry. This post is  about the health benefits dark chocolate offers. It’s the newest in our series of

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Poseidon X – FAQ

My earlier post – A riders’ guide to the Poseidon X gravel bike – had covered my experience in how I got the bike, my first impressions, and the updated and changes I

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Protein Shake - before or after workout

Protein Before or After Workout?

“Protein before or after workout?” This is a question on everyone’s mind when trying to get the best results from his or her workouts. Protein is an essential nutrient for

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