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Blue zones around the world

What are Blue Zones?

Blue zones are global regions whose inhabitants tend to be healthier and therefore live longer than anywhere else. Let’s delve into the Blue Zone; what makes these areas special, and

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Bike Wash

Bike Wash (How to wash your bike)

Bike Wash – WHY you should wash your bike? Bike Wash – keeping your bike in proper working order and increase its longevity are the primary reasons you should clean

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pull exercises

What Are Pull Exercises?

Understanding Pull Exercises Pull exercises include chin ups, dumbbell curls, and bent over rows and make up one component of strength training. Let’s explore pull exercises, their physical benefits and

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Punta Islita Beach

Costa Rica – A true Heaven on Earth

Known the world over for its Eco-conscious and environmentally sustainable ways of living, in addition to amazing coffee and food, Costa Rica is slowly gaining recognition as a top destination

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