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Making New year resolutions are not, uhh.. new. People make them every year. The #1 type of new year resolution is health based – losing weight, going to the gym, eating healthy, stop smoking, avoiding or reducing meat, etc. But these are not followed through, and are lost within a few days, or weeks, at most. This is not for lack of want, but for a lack of motivation or time or other commitments.

Options are limitless in everything today. But when it comes to eating healthy, people choose, or opt, to eat items that are easy to make or take minimum effort. Even though the trend of cooking at home has been increasing, there is no indication that these are healthy and nutritious. So why does this keep happening?

Science points to the basics, that sticking to a goal is psychological. Just as solving any big issues or problems or ideas, you first have to identify what it is. Once clearly identified, break it down into simpler items. Once broken into simpler items, identify “actionable” items withing those that are easier to track.

For example, wanting to eat healthy, is a big idea. Breaking it down, you have to see how you want to do it. Is it reducing eating meat? If so, what meats do you want to avoid? These are the simpler parts of the bigger idea. Now you have something tangible to work with. Next see if it is the red or white meat, or both (ideally) that you want to avoid. Start avoiding that type of meat at breakfast (or your first meal) one day. Take a mental note of how you feel after this meal. Then do the same for breakfast and lunch a couple of days, and then all meals in the next few days. If you feel hungry or not satiated, try substituting the meat with veggies or soy products or any other meat substitutes, if your diet allows for it. This is what I meant by saying there are limitless options for everything. As with any change, the first step is the hardest, but once you do that, your battle is half won!

There are numerous studies on how to stick to a new years resolution. Below are some of the studies from leading institutions you can take a look at.

1. From Harvard –

2.. From the American Psychological Associatoin –

To your Healthy New Year!

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