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core strength

  Hi Pedalist, why is core important in cycling, and how do I strengthen it?

  – Core Rider

Dear Core Rider,

 Core strength is very important in cycling. Having a strong core – the abs, the lower back, and glutes – helps you pedal more efficiently and removes the stress on your arms. Riders with a weak core find their hands going numb because of the weight placed on it to prop themselves up. during the ride. They also find their backs tightening which affects pedaling. A stronger core reduces or even eliminates these issues.

To strengthen the core is to strengthen the back and abs muscles. Movements such as squats, dead-lifts helps work the back muscles. Knee raises help strengthen the ab muscles. Pay attention to these areas during your strengthening workouts. Also check out this page for more workouts to improve cycling. 

Hope this helps your core stronger. Happy cycling!

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