Ask The Pedalist: How to keep cool when cycling in hot weather?

cycling in hot weather

  Hi Pedalist, how can I keep myself cool and not heat up when riding on a hot day?

  – Cool Rider

Dear Cool Rider,

Cycling in hot weather requires a focus on two bike riding essentials: what you wear and what you consume.  On hot and humid days, choose a light, breathable long-sleeve jersey or t-shirts. Against conventional belief, long sleeves are crucial to prevent sunburns and protect from UV rays and to limit water loss through sweat. Wearing long-sleeves can protect against a sun burn and dehydration while riding. Cover as much exposed skin as possible. Lightweight bottoms are a great choice as well for the same reason. High-coverage clothing might not work for every rider but it’s recommended for those long bike rides in humid, high-heat riding conditions. 

Fueling Your Body is Critical in the Heat

The food and liquid you consume is even more critical, and will help give you the energy to power through your ride.  Before you start a ride try to keep yourself hydrated. You also need a combination of fluids – not just plain water since you lose salts when you sweat. Energy drinks with sodium and sugar are of high value for riders in hot conditions. You’ll also require vitamin-rich solid foods such as banana, which can provide much needed potassium. Sandwiches and nuts are also good options. Choose biking foods with a good mix of proteins and simple carbs.

Hope this helps keep you safe and cool. Happy spinning!

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