The Wonderful Art of Wellness

Wellness is something personal. I always strive to stick to natural foods and drinks for my holistic well being. I believe happiness comes from a healthy body and a relaxed, stress-free mind. Our herbal teas use traditional recipes to build up your body, mind, and spirit. The Turmeriq mango shots used an ancient herb to ease pains caused by inflammation and stress.

But why take these when you can pop in a couple of pills and go on with your life?

There are a few schools of thoughts. The first is the more obvious one – convenience. If you have a headache, sore throat, or muscle ache you reach for a couple of ibuprofen or acetaminophen pills and you are done. The pain goes away after a short time and you forget all about it. This is not a bad solution for an occasional remedy. These are quick, no brainer temporary solution to a problem, but these are best suited for those isolated one-time incidents. Taking too much of these pills weakens your body. Studies have shown that the ingredients in these pills cause side effects, and have shown to cause liver toxicity if taken frequently. Some people take these pills everyday to alleviate the pains, leading to drastic health deterioration.

The second school of thought is one of a long term and more efficient care. The products on this site is aimed specifically at long term healing. We don’t purport these to cure an ailment overnight. These are not temporary fixes for chronic pains. These products are designed and used to bring health benefits if used over a long term. The herbal teas contain all natural leaf and flower extracts that have been proven to provide the listed benefits. The turmeric spice in the Turmeriq Mango drink, known for hundreds of years to ease pains associated with inflammation and stress, is now widely adopted for its flavor and curing properties. If taken the suggested amount frequently, it works with your body, builds up its defenses, and provides a continuous protection for your body. Some of my customers have come to me and said that after using the Turmeriq shots for only two weeks their exercise related pains have gone down considerably, and they don’t even need any OTC medications. Unless you are allergic to a particular ingredient, these products cause no harmful side effects. (Of course, too much of anything is bad, so be careful of the quantity you consume.)

As in anything, there is always a choice. Some are easier and more convenient, but others take a little effort, but are better for you. Convenience matters, but at what cost? Temporary fixes is not sustainable as permanent solutions.

You have a choice, but you have only one body. Keep it safe and healthy in whatever you do!

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