Your Lifestyle Matters.. Greatly…

You lifestyle matters and influences your physical, mental, and psychological well being.
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Your lifestyle makes you who you are. Everyone is different. You are what you are born with, both body and mind. But what you do to improve and maintain both both of these determines your life’s enjoyment. A big part of how you improve those are physical activities, and your everyday decisions, that collectively is called a lifestyle.

A sedentary office worker or someone on their feet the whole day experience different forms of physical exertion. But along with work comes work related stress, in whatever office setting you are in. In today’s hyper-competitive environment stress is a leading cause of physical and mental health issues. On the physical side, high stress has been shown to cause heart palpitations, headaches, and muscular tension. On the psychological side high stress has lead to depression, high anxiety, and irritability. In combination of both physical and mental effects of stress, high incidents of heart related issues have been diagnosed.

Regular non-work related physical activities have shown to reduce overall stress and increase happiness and well being, while also making you physically and mentally stronger that has a positive impact in your job. And physical activities also helps you sleep at night. The body repairs and heals during sleep, and doctors recommend 6-8 hours for optimal mind and body performance.

Any type of physical activity is recommended – be in high impact ones such as CrossFit, cycling, running, boxing, or low impact activities such as yoga, pilates, hiking, walking and Tai Chi. Swimming is a very good alternate as it is easier on the joints, and provides a demanding cardio workout. Whatever the activity, any amount is considered better than none. I personally had a great experience from doing Crossfit, and would suggest that as a good option. The workouts can be tailored for each person, meaning anyone with any fitness level can do it.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is the part of your lifestyle that is the most critical. “You are what you eat”, is a common saying. Food is your only source of fuel. The cleaner it is, the better you will feel and perform at work, in the gym, or playing with your kids. A clean diet is something that has little to no processed foods, low meat and carbohydrates, high protein and vegetables, and little to no sugar. Diets are temporary by design – they cannot be sustained for long periods without drastic siddie effects. Fad diets do not work, and people repeatedly fall for them with good intentions, but with disappointment if they do not see the expected results.

To see the effects of any diet, one should follow it diligently for a few weeks. The body starts using this new source of fuel to power and heal itself. A crash diet would make you crash and burn at the end of it since it is not sustainable. If your end goal is weight loss or performance improvement, a proper meal and diet plan should be drawn up with a good mechanism to track what works and what doesn’t, since minute changes have major impacts.

We make sure that all of the products we present on this website are natural, plant based, noGMO and gluten free, for your guilt free indulgence. Herbal teas such as those made from moringa or mulberry help the mind relax while providing natural remedies to heal common body ailments. Turmeric is considered as one of the best natural remedies for inflammation and healing, and is being slowly included into everyday meals such as smoothies and curries.

As in anything the first step is the hardest. Once committed to a healthy lifestyle, rest assured that you are maintaining your body to help you travel the journey of life!

To your good health!

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