Ask The Pedalist: How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Gloves

mountain bike gloves

  Hi Pedalist, how can I choose a good set of mountain bike gloves?

  – MTB Rider

Dear MTB Rider,

First, choose between the two styles of mountain biking gloves – full-finger gloves and half-finger gloves. Full-finger mountain biking gloves are the best option for added cold protection during winter and fall riding, and for slippery summer trails that require additional handle control. On traditional trails and summer rides, half-finger mountain biking gloves provide relief from the summer heat while still protecting the hand and fingers. 

Impact Absorption a Key Benefit for Mountain Biking Gloves

Both mountain bike glove styles cushion the wrists, and absorb the majority of the impact on the trail. The rubber or leather covering the palms helps you maintain a firm grip on the handlebars. 

Good ventilation is also key to protecting against the heat. Half-finger mountain biking gloves have a mesh upper that covers the upper part of your hands, keeping you cool on hot summer rides. Some full-finger gloves are built with moisture wicking material to keep sweat away and ensure your hands are dry and warm during cooler weather.  

Sizing is subjective as not all products fit like a glove. We recommend a visit to your nearest bike shop or sports store to try on some mountain biking glove options. 

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Happy riding!

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