Ask The Pedalist: How to Make a Bike Seat More Comfortable


  Hi Pedalist, I got a new cycling specific seat. How can I make it comfortable on long rides?

  – Sitting Right

Dear Sitting Right,

There are a few ways to make yourself comfortable on long rides. Biking seats, or saddles as they are called, don’t have a cushion on them. They are designed more for speed and lightness than comfort. So the first things is to make sure you are riding with cycling shorts. Cycling shorts are padded, meaning your sit bones have a cushion when they are in contact with the saddle. This helps absorb bumps and vibration from the road or trail. This could potentially solve your discomfort.

Other adjustments include moving your seat a little to the front or back to make your pedaling move comfortable. There is also a tilt in the saddles which can help fine-tune your comfort. This adjustment is under the seat with a set of screws you can adjust with a hex-wrench.  But when you adjust your seat, make sure it is not too far in the front or back as this can lead to pain in the knees. A proper bike fit at your local bike shop might be a good idea if these tips don’t help.

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Happy riding!

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