Ask The Pedalist: How to Choose a Beginner Cycling Class?

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  Hi Pedalist, how can I choose a beginner cycling class?

  – Cycle In-place

Dear Cycling In-place,

Cycling class is also called a spin class. Signing up for one is as easy as enrolling  at your local gym, since some offer spin classes as part of your membership, or at spin-specific locations. Some of the aspects to pay attention to, especially as a beginner, apart from the cost perspective, is to get an understanding of the intensity and variety of the spin programs, and the experience of the instructors. For a beginner, intensity is the important part. You have to gradually ramp up and get accustomed to the programs. Talk to the instructor in your first class and ask him or her if you can start slow. If the program or instructor is unwilling to let you start slowly you should look for a new gym.    

To get some idea about the instructors’ experience ask him or her how long they have led classes and at how many gyms. This should give an idea of what to expect. But from my personal experience I am yet to meet a gym or instructor who is unwilling to work with a new “spinner”.

But as with any workout, stretch and warm up before a workout.

Happy spinning!

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