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bike safety gear

Safety is paramount when riding your bike. But even the safest rider cannot control for every potential safety issue. Unexpected events can happen on the trails. We can’t control these unexpected twists and turns but can prepare for them. Let’s explore the newest innovations in bike safety gear!

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Bike Safety Begins Before the Ride

Whether on the road, the trail, pavement or in-between, cycling safety is critical.  It as is important to see your surrounding as it is to BE seen in your surroundings. This focus on visibility is especially important on the road with other vehicles traveling at much higher speeds.

I had earlier written about mountain biking essentials and winter cycling essentials. So to add to these lists, I have been researching the following products to see which one can fit my needs.

Emerging Bike Safety Gear

Smart Helmets

When you think of cycling helmets, you think of ill-fitting bulky clip-on types that leave you with messy hair.

But technology and comfort have come a long way. Today’s smart helmets are equipped with various technologies to enhance safety. Smart helmets often feature integrated lights, turn signals, and built-in communication systems that allow you to make hand-free calls or listen to music while riding.

They are more aero-dynamic and reduce road and wind noise to enable you to talk with riding partners. A screen on the back of the helmet also lets you write personalized messages, which also display messages of distress.

Consider the type of helmet you wear. For example, one leading option is helmets featuring MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which helps you avoid a concussion if your head were to hit pavement in a biking accident. 

smart helmet

Rearview Cameras

Just like how a rearview camera helps you see what is behind you in a car or truck, the technology and price points have now come down low enough that you can have a similar experience on a bike. Especially useful on a road bike, mounted on the bike or helmet, these rearview cameras let you see what is happening behind you in real time on a small monitor mounted on your handlebar or on your phone. 

Smart Bike Lights

Bike lights lets you view your surrounding location and be visible in it. Bike light technology has come a long way. Today, advanced bike lights come with smart features. Featuring both a front and back light, smart bike lights adjust their brightness and beam pattern according to ambient light conditions and can even detect when you’re braking or turning, automatically increasing their visibility.

Smart bike lights are available in various price points from numerous vendors and so you’ll definitely find one in your price range.

Crash Sensors

In a bike crash, you need urgent care. Ideal on solo rides in remote locations, crash sensors are slowly gaining popularity.

As the name suggests, crash sensors connect to your phone to send out a distress call or message to your emergency contact notifying him or her of your crash, along with GPS coordinates.

crash sensor
Specialized Angi crash sensor

Wearable Airbags

Airbag vests for motorcycles are now common. In the event of a fall, the airbag detects a sudden change in speed and direction, and inflates the vest to protect critical body parts such as the chest, neck spine and head.

Similarly, airbag vests or jackets designed for cyclists are emerging on the market. These wearable devices use sensors to detect a fall or collision and rapidly inflate to protect the rider’s upper body, particularly the neck and spine.

Along with helmets and gloves, wearable airbags are  becoming a common safety gadget. We’ll see far more on the road when pricing drops and product options increase.

Smart Bike Locks

smart bike lock

You are on the road and want to take a break for coffee or snacks. You cannot take your bike with you in some stores. What do you do? You lock it on a bike rack or by itself, in extreme cases. But will the bike be safe?

Smart locks feature GPS tracking, motion sensors, and smartphone connectivity, providing next-level security for your bike. These locks can send alerts to your phone if someone tries to tamper with your bike or if it’s moved without your permission.

Parting Thoughts On Bike Safety Gear

Prioritize safety before the ride to free your mind on the trail.  Choosing the right bike safety gear can significantly enhance your level of protection.

As the cycling market and industry continue to thrive, new safety innovations will change how we ride.  From smart helmets with integrated lights and communication systems, to  rearview cameras and smart bike lights, technology is making bikers safer and reducing the number of bike accidents. 

Stay aware and make the right choices before, during and after the ultimate biking experiences. 

 I hope you found this useful and informative! Check out my other cycling posts as well.

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